GPS Track Details
Difficulty: 2/5 - Easy
Track length: 4.1 Kilometers
Total Ascent: 63 Meters
Total Descent: 243 Meters

C-4.0 Cararango pass - Vilcabamba

Distance          4.1 km

Time                1.5 hours

Altitude          1530m - 1775m

Ascent             75m

Descent           252m

Rating             Easy  2/5

Start                Cararango pass

End                  Vilcabamba tourist office

This hike is a short version of the C-3 hike.

Route: To get to the trailhead, take the Vilcabambatouris-bus ($ 0.50) or a taxi to the small shrine on the Cararango-pass (Between Vilcabamba-valley and Malacatos). From the shrine pass the small Cararango-church and start the descent, following the blue bike-downhill-Sign. Passing through many little fruit-orchards and open eucalyptus-forests, the nice, compact village San Pedro de Vilcabamba comes into view way below on your left. After 1.5 km, take the road branching to the right! (Going straight takes you back to the main road above Vilcabamba). Follow this road down to the Junction of the Vilcabamba-San Joaquin-Road, where you turn left. Past the “Hosteria Madre Tierra” ( you’ll join the Loja-main road, just 200m before the Rio Vilcabamba bridge. Follow the main road back towards Vilcabamba. At the sight of the “Arco de Vilcabamba”, follow the old cobblestone-road back to the center of Vilcabamba.



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