GPS Track Details
Difficulty: 2/5 - Easy
Track length: 9.45 Kilometers
Total Ascent: 306 Meters
Total Descent: 314 Meters

D-5.0 Old Road, Tumianuma-Linderos

Distance          9.5 km

Time                2.25 hours

Altitude          1495m - 1760m

Ascent             307m

Descent           315m

Rating             Easy  2/5

Start                Tumianuma (Barrio El Sauce)

End                  Linderos school

This old road used to be the main-connection between Tumianuma and Linderos before the new road along Rio Solanda was constructed. Nowadays the road only serves as access road to the fincas & pastures along its way. You can hike this trek in either direction, by taking a bus or shared taxi from Vilcabamba to the respective trailheads. Else, if you have an excess of energy after crossing over from Vilcabamba on any of the hiking trails, you can continue on this trail after passing Tumianuma. But be warned; hiking that road in the midday-heat of the dry season can be a tough experience.

Route: You find the trailhead 5 minutes to the west from Tumianuma, along the main road, at a hamlet called El Sauce. In a 1 Hour ascent, past little farms, the winding road gains 250m altitude to a pass at 1730m, just below Cerro Canguro Grande. For 15 minutes, the road descends to Quebrada Guanamaca. Another climb of 25 minutes gets you to the second pass at 1760m. From here it’s all downhill.  You pass many more small farms and the Spa El Montañita El Limo. In 45 minutes from the second pass, you reach the first houses of Barrio Linderos. At the intersection with the surfaced new road next to the Linderos school, you can flag down any passing bus or shared taxi.            




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