GPS Track Details
Difficulty: 2/5 - Easy
Track length: 2.71 Kilometers
Total Ascent: 74 Meters

D-5.1 Tumianuma - Finca “Neverland” 

Distance          2.7 km

Time                1.0 hour

Altitude          1495m - 1570m

Ascent             110m

Descent           35m

Rating             Easy  2/5

Start                Tumianuma Chapel

End                  Finca “Neverland”

The Finca “Neverland” of Doña Tina Marshall is a well-known institution in Tumianuma. For more than 15 years Doña Tina offers stays to volunteers from all over the world. It’s nicely located in a side valley of the Rio Piscopamba and at the foot of filo de Tarranza. On the top-ridge of filo de Tarranza used to pass the famous Inka royal Highway, connecting Quito with Cajamarca and Cusco in Peru.

Route: This hike starts on a dirt-road across the main road from the Tumianuma-chapel. In 10 Minutes you reach the orange pedestrian-bridge across Rio Piscopamba. Above and along the river you cross ten minutes later the small brook las Laureles. In another 15 minutes you reach a fork. Branch to the right into the side-valley (Quebrada Condorhuana) and 15 minutes beyond, you reach the Finca “Neverland”.

The trail going straight at the fork, follows the Piscobamba River to Quinara, as outlined in the trek N° D-5.2




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