GPS Track Details
Difficulty: 2/5 - Easy
Track length: 8.17 Kilometers
Total Ascent: 330 Meters
Total Descent: 225 Meters

D-5.2 Tumianuma - Quinara via Rio Piscopamba

Distance          8.2 km

Time                2.25 hours

Altitude          1470m - 1675m

Ascent             220m

Descent           120m

Rating             Easy  2/5

Start                Tumianuma Chapel

End                  Quinara town

This easy two hour pleasure-hike between Tumianuma and Quinara along the Rio Piscopamba merits to be traveled more frequently than it actually is. But due to its somewhat isolated location it will remain in its present state.

Route: This hike starts on the dirt-road across the main road from the Tumianuma-Church. In 10 Minutes you get to the orange pedestrian-bridge across Rio Piscopamba. Above and along the river you cross ten minutes later the small brook las Laureles. In another 15 minutes you reach a fork. The trail to the right leads in 15 minutes to the Finca “Neverland” in the side-valley (Quebrada Condorhuana). But we follow the trail straight across the creek. Some 10 minutes beyond, we come across some houses, where the trail widens to an access-road for this dwellings. The road winds its way along the Piscopamba-river for 40 minutes, and thereafter swerves away from the river, climbs and skirts around a rocky hill. In 45 Minutes we circle this hill, pass the barrio Chumberos and get back to the river. The wide Piscopamba-river is crossed on an orange double suspension-bridge. In another 10 minutes we reach the laid back and quiet town of Quinara. There are not many regular connections between Quinara and Vilcabamba, but you should be able to get one of the occasional shared taxis.        



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