GPS Track Details
Difficulty: 3/5 - Medium
Track length: 5.44 Kilometers
Total Ascent: 409 Meters

D-6.0 Vilcabamba - Mollepamba - Lambunuma pass 1960m

Distance          5.00 km

Time                1.5 hours

Altitude          1530m - 1960m

Ascent             445m

Descent           20m

Rating             Medium  3/5 (all uphill)

Start                Vilcabamba tourist office

End                  Lambunuma-pass 1960m

This medium hike gets you to the Lambunuma-pass between Vilcabamba & Masanamaca at 1990m to the south. From the pass you can either return by the same trail you came, or you can hitch a ride back to town, or if you are energetic enough, you can continue on any of the hikes which start at Lambunuma pass. (D-4.2, D-6.1, D-6.2)

Route: From the tourist office head 4 blocks south along Calle Bolivar, turn left onto Calle Hatillo, cross the bridge of Quebrada Puliche and head uphill. At the top of the little hill, branch to the right onto the gravel road passing the Hacienda El Atillo. 5 Minutes later at the intersection Cuatro Caminos go straight. The Hacienda Mollepamba you will pass 15 minutes later. Soon the road starts climbing more steeply, and after 20 minutes you reach a fork at the Mollepamba School. Heading straight, the road is getting steeper again and narrows into a trail. In half an hour from the school, you reach a black metal gate near the concrete Highway.  Looking back, you get some nice views of Vilcabamba-valley. The Lambunuma pass itself at 1990m lies another 500 meters along the highway to the south and doesn’t merit any attention, unless you want to continue to the trail of trek   D-6.2 Lambunuma pass – Masanamaca.

Turning right at the Metal gate and descending the highway for 300 meters you would find the trailhead to trek D-4.2 Lambunuma pass – Tumianuma and trek D-6.1 Loop Vilcabamba-Mollepamba-Lambunuma-Quebrada Puliche. If you’re tired enough you can hitch a ride on any passing bus or shared taxi.  



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