GPS Track Details
Difficulty: 5/5 - Very hard
Track length: 8.39 Kilometers
Total Ascent: 670 Meters
Total Descent: 609 Meters

B-4.0 Loop around Quebrada Sunungo - “Sacred Mountain”- C. Guaranga

Distance          8.7 km - loop

Time                3.5 hours

Altitude          1510m - 1950m

Ascent             475m

Descent           475m

Rating             Very difficult  5/5  (Partly overgrown trails steep ridge climbs)

Start                Vilcabamba tourist office

End                  Vilcabamba tourist office

This adventurous, challenging ridge-hike orbits Sunungo Valley anticlock-wise in a circle. Climbing the ridge between the Sunungo- & Uruchi-Valleys, passes the Numba-Farm and continues on the ridge of the Sacred Mountain and descends via Cerro Guaranga and Rumi Wilco reserve back to Town.

Be warned! This is a difficult hike, with faint, partly overgrown trails, exposed and very steep sections. It should only be attempted by strong experienced hikers!!    

Route: For this hike, leave town from the Tourist office east along Calle Diego Vaca de Vega towards Yamburara bajo. The trailhead you find just 20 meters to the left of “Craig’s book exchange” in Yamburara bajo. Climbing uphill, at the first flight of steps turn right. At the last house, pass through the fence gate. Just after the gate, you pass a small water plant. From there, follow the trail zigzagging the ridgeline. After about 45 minutes, the trail gets a bit lost among the many cattle-trails.  Always try to stay near the ridgeline. Once you reach the top of a flat hill, the trail levels off, before it ascends again to a small farm shelter, surrounded by some picturesque “bearded-trees” and nice views on the pyramidal Sacred-mountain right in front. The farm is accessed by driveway from the Rio Uchima-valley. Follow this driveway to the first farm gate on a ridge. From the gate follow the rough cut road running on the right hand side of the cattle fence towards the pyramid of Sacred Mountain. At the end of this road, keep following the barbed wire on the right hand side on the ridgeline. Between here and Cerro Guaranga, is the most difficult part of the trek and rarely hiked, so the trail sometimes is very faint and overgrown in places. Just before the steep climb up the Sacred Mountain, you come across some exposed cliff drops towards the Sunungo valley. Enjoy the nice views from the top of pyramid. After descending from the Sacred Hill, follow the ridge. Approaching Cerro Guaranga you’ll find a ditch and dense bushes you cannot cross. Instead detour the obstacles on the right hand side. From the top of Cerro Guaranga, continue by passing through the cattle fence and descending along the fence on the north western ridge. After about 150 meters, the ridge gets really steep, and a little further down, you have to recross to the left hand side of the cattle fence. 300 meters after the fence crossing, you have to pass a very exposed spot on the ridge. It would be difficult, if you’re suffering from acrophobia. Somewhere along the very steep ridge, we have entered Rumi Wilco reserve, and find now marked trails and plant labelling. Follow ridge trail N° 2 down to the bottom of the hill, and follow the level trail left, near the river to the entrance of the Rumi Wilco reserve. Here you have to pay the 2 $ entrance fee, since you have used their trail-system. At the Entrance of Rumi Wilco, turn right and cross the red pedestrian bridge across the Chamba-river back to town.



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