GPS Track Details
Difficulty: 2/5 - Easy
Track length: 8.74 Kilometers
Total Ascent: 188 Meters
Total Descent: 197 Meters

A-1  El Chaupi Loop

Distance          8.7 km              

Time                45 minutes

Altitude          1495 m – 1580 m

Ascent             109 m

Descent           118 m

Rating             Easy

Start                Bus-terminal Vilcabamba

End                  Bus-terminal Vilcabamba

This short, easy loop is a relaxing ride along the Rio Vilcabamba-valley, down to the Hacienda San Joaquin, across the river and back on the Cucanama-highway to Vilcabamba.

Route: Start this ride north along the highway, and pass the Puerta de Entrada (Vilcabamba entrance-Arch), cross the Bridge at the conjunction of the Rio Chamba with the Rio Uchima (From this point on, the river is called Rio Vilcabamba) then follow the main road another 200 meters to the sign pointing to Hosteria Madre Tierra on your left. Follow this dirt road on the right-hand side of The Rio Vilcabamba Valley. Passing Hosteria Madre Tierra , orchards, sugarcane fields and scattered houses and the Dominican cloister “Puerta del Cielo”, you’ll reach the hamlet of el Chaupi, where, to your right, you’ll notice the guarded entrance to the gated international community of the Hacienda San Joaquin . Instead of entering the Hacienda, take the little path leading down to the suspension bridge, crossing Rio Vilcabamba. 300 meters uphill from the bridge you’ll reach the sealed Vilcabamba-Linderos road. Turn left onto the sealed road, which leads back to Vilcabamba.



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