GPS Track Details
Difficulty: 3/5 - Medium
Track length: 6.3 Kilometers
Total Ascent: 177 Meters
Total Descent: 129 Meters

A-2.0  San Pedro - Sacapo - Rio Uchima

Distance         6.3 km                        (12.6 km round trip)

Time Moto     30 minutes                 (1.5 hrs roundtrip)

Time Bicycle   1 hour                         (2.00 hrs roundtrip)

Altitude          1520 m – 1620 m

Ascent            110 m

Descent          66 m

Rating             easy

Start               Bus terminal Vilcabamba

End                 Rio Uchima, Parking space Truchas El Salado

This easy ride leads via San Pedro de Vilcabamba into the shady valley of the Rio Uchima, along the river to the end of the road at the weekend-restaurant “Truchas El Salado”  . Along the river you find a number of picnic & bathing spots.

Route: Follow the Loja-Highway 2.6 km to the north to the pueblo San Pedro de Vilcabamba. Turn right just before the roadside Shrine at the village-entrance. At the back of the village, the road drops into the valley, passes another little Shrine with the San Pedro College below. At the barrio Sacapo, take the turn to the right, leading down to the Rio Uchima. The road follows another 1.5 km along the river to the end of the road at a parking spot belonging to the Restaurant “Truchas El Salado” . From the parking place it’s a 300 m walk to the restaurant, which serves fresh trout on weekends. (Truchas El Salado, Henry Jara, 099 453 67 49)



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