GPS Track Details
Difficulty: 4/5 - Hard
Track length: 7.94 Kilometers
Total Ascent: 174 Meters
Total Descent: 188 Meters


F-4.1  Bombuscaro, Camino Campesino          


Distance         7.9 km

Time               3.00 hours

Altitude          960m - 1070m

Ascent            240m

Descent          250m

Rating             Moderate-Difficult 4/5

Start               Centro Administrativo PN Podocarpus, Bombuscaro

End                 Centro Administrativo PN Podocarpus, Bombuscaro


The Campesino trail consists of a loop along both sides of the Bombuscaro River, crossing the river twice on respective suspension bridges. The eastern leg of the trail is actually outside the borders of the Podocarpus Park, therefore the trail is less maintained. Let me tell you, it’s muddy and wet! If you haven’t done so, you’ll regret not to have exchanged your hiking shoes with gumboots.


Route: You start the hike at the Centro Administrativo Bombuscaro, following the trail marked Higuerones trail for a kilometer and a half. At the fork, you leave the Higuerones trail and branch to the left, where, after 100 meters, you’ll find the “Puente Campesino”, the upstream suspension bridge spanning Rio Bombuscaro. 200 meters uphill after crossing the bridge, you come across another fork, where you have to branch to the left. Now the trail follows for nearly four kilometers above and along the eastern bank of the river, crossing a never ending succession of small rivers and rivlets. Here you’ll encounter plenty of mud and wet terrain. There are few open spots for distant views, instead you get the jungle feeling as much as of any trail inside the Park. Eventually you come across some traces of simple farming, indicating that you are approaching the downstream suspension bridge. Crossing the bridge, you’ll hit the park access road. Turning left, 20 minutes or 1.3 kilometers later, you’ll find the car parking area of the park, and another 15 minutes or one kilometer, gets you back to the administrative center, where you started the hike.


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