GPS Track Details
Difficulty: 2/5 - Easy
Track length: 9.5 Kilometers
Total Ascent: 286 Meters
Total Descent: 1 Meters

F-3.1 Sendero Ecologico, Supermaxi – Cajanuma, Stage I

Distance         9.5 km

Time               3.0 hours

Altitude          2040 m – 2380 m

Ascent            340 m

Descent          00 m

Rating             Easy 2/5

Start               Parque Lineal La Tebaida, (Supermaxi)  

End                 Cajanuma, entrance PN Podocarpus


While the classical Sendero Ecological starts in Loja town, it can also be done reverse, starting at Cajanuma pass (opposite the entrance of PN Podocarpus), which makes it an easy downhill hike into Loja town. The description here, treats the classical trail, starting in Loja town.

Access from Vilcabamba to the starting point at Supermaxi Loja, can be by yellow taxi (11 de Mayo, $ 2.25) or Vilcatouris-Bus ($ 1.50).


Route: With few exceptions, the whole trail is well marked with green Sendero Ecologico signs.


From the wood bridge opposite Supermaxi, the trail follows south along Rio Zamora through the Parque Lineal la Tabaida. After 2.5 km, it crosses Av. Reinaldo Espinosa at the temporary steel bridge near the University compound, and continuous along Rio Zamora upstream. After 20 minutes or 1.2 km, you pass an equipped Pic Nic spot. Another 20 minutes gets you to the new church of the Barrio Capuli, with a suspension bridge at its rear, but we cross the bridge straight ahead, which crosses a tributary of the Zamora River. 500 meters ahead, we are passing under the concrete bridge of the Loja detour-highway, (Paso Lateral). Another 1.5 km along the young Zamora River, through lovely pastures, lead to the tiny hamlet of Quilluyaco. From here, the trail ascends more steeply for 160 altitude meters towards the Cajanuma Pass. On this part of the trail, you pass some interesting earth formations on your right hand side. Some 250 meters before reaching the highway, there is a misleading trail sign pointing uphill to Nowhere-Land. Don’t follow this sign, instead, head straight towards the highway. The trail joins the Vilcabamba road right opposite the PN Podocarpus entrance on Cajanuma Pass.

Back to Vilcabamba, you can catch any bus heading south, or you can continue to the next leg of the trail, which starts just 150 meters along the road, at the prominent Caxarumi entrance.          




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