GPS Track Details
Difficulty: 3/5 - Medium
Track length: 2.39 Kilometers
Total Ascent: 174 Meters
Total Descent: 168 Meters

E-9.1 Inca ruins, Loma Nánaro, Yangana

Distance         2.4 km

Time               2.0 hours

Altitude          1985m - 2145m

Ascent            177 m

Descent          172 m

Rating             Moderate 3/5

Start               Highest point Suro-Yangana Highway

End                 Highest point Suro-Yangana Highway

The Andes Inca Highway (Camino Royal) with a length of 5,200 kilometers, was the main communication line for the Incas over 400 years ago. It began in Quito, Ecuador, passed through Cusco, Peru, and ended in what is now Tucumán, Argentina. It used to pass just a few kilometers west of Vilcabamba, on the Cordillera Solanda and Filón de Taranza, high above Tumianuma and Quinara. Even though there are hardly any remains of the road itself, there are still a big number of ruins scattered around, all of them overgrown and none of them excavated or preserved. The Tambos used to be resting places for the Inca relay runners, the round or spiral shaped Qollcas (locally known as Churros) were storage places for the passing armies. (See also )

Normally access to this ruins involve hikes of several hours. One convenient exception are the ruins on Loma Nánaro, which can be reached within half an hour hike from the Highway connecting Vilcabamba with Yangana in the south.

Hiking-direction: The trailhead is located on the highest point of the pass before descending to the town of Yangana. There is a normally locked metal-farm gate, but you can easily sneak through the barbed wire fence. If the farmer family is present, ask for permission to pass through their pastures. Beware of the farm dogs! Ascending through the open pastures, you pass the ruins of a farmhouse. Past this ruins, you find a shallow George, separating two hills. Climb through the criss cross of cow trails on the left side of the gorge. Close to the top of the hill, you have to cross to the right side of the wire fence, aiming at the top of the hill on the right. At the hill top you can discover the overgrown circular walls of the three tiered Chorrera or Churro.

Don’t miss the impressive views into the valley of the Yangana River to the west, opening to the Piscobamba valley North West and Yangana town to the South East. Back to the North you see the serpentine highway climbing to the Lambunuma pass to Vilcabamba.

Crossing over to the other hill of the twins, you find a big white cross overlooking the town of Yangana. From the cross, you can descend directly to the farm ruin via the many cow trails, since there is no distinct main trail.



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