GPS Track Details
Difficulty: 3/5 - Medium
Track length: 3.01 Kilometers
Total Ascent: 247 Meters
Total Descent: 69 Meters

C-3.1 El Chaupi - San Joaquin - Taxiche 3.0 km

Distance         3.0 km

Time               1.5 hours

Altitude          1433m - 1687m

Ascent            250m

Descent          75m

Rating             Moderate

Start               Bus stop El Chaupi

End                 Malacatos-Vilcabamba Highway

This is a short, convenient hike in the little known area between El Chaupi / San Joaquin and Taxiche, on the Vilcabamba-Malacatos road. The uphill-section is all following a shady creek, which makes it a pleasant hike even in the heat of the midday sun.     

Route: The cheapest access from Vilcabamba to the trailhead is by shared taxi or the rare bus to the bus stop at El Chaupi ($ 0.50) on the Cucanama Highway. Another possibility is a hired taxi to the entrance of the gated community at San Joaquin. ($ 3.-)

From the bus stop, descend the gravel road passing the newly constructed and inaugurated waste water plant at the banks of Rio Vilcabamba. The river is crossed on a green painted suspension bridge. 100 meters after the bridge, you pass the entrance of the gated community San Joaquin. Heading north, our hiking trail on a gravel road goes straight, where the sealed road makes a 90° turn to the right. After 2-300 meters, the gravel road ends and turns into a small, but well-worn trail, following the shady and normally dry creek. You can’t lose your direction, if you just follow the most obvious trail. If in doubt, stay always near the creek and do not enter any of the fence gates. The first part of the trail climbs steadily. Later, where it gets steeper, the trail starts zigzagin up the mountain side. Eventually the trail flats out and swerves to the right, paralleling the ridge above. Almost by surprise, you reach the irrigation canal at the top of the ridge and the motor road coming up from the north side, which accesses the weekend settlement houses of “Mirador del Valle”. 10 minutes downhill along the gravel road gets you to the End of our Hike at the big bend of the Malacatos-Vilcabamba highway.

To get back to Vilcabamba, flag down any passing Taxi-pickup or Bus, ($ 0.50)




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