GPS Track Details
Difficulty: 1/5 - Completely easily
Track length: 3.4 Kilometers
Total Ascent: 83 Meters
Total Descent: 84 Meters

E-1.0 Zoo loop, Yamburara 3.4 Km

Distance          3.4 km

Time                1.0 hour

Altitude          1530m - 1600m

Ascent             75m

Descent           75m

Rating             Very easy

Start                Vilcabamba tourist office

End                  Vilcabamba tourist office

This very easy one hour loop, is along a surfaced road and can be walked in either direction. It is a handy alternative in the rainy season, when many hiking trails are muddy.

Route: From the tourist office head 4 blocks south along Calle Bolivar, turn left onto Calle Hatillo, cross the bridge of Quebrada Puliche and head uphill over the tiny pass. Then the road descends and contours the hill side. 15 minutes from the pass, you cross the Rio Chamba on the covered wood bridge. From there it climbs gently for 10 minutes past the zoo (Centro recreational Yamburara) and INIGER (Instituto-nacional-de-investigaciones-gerontologicas) to the Yamburara School and Yambala-valley turnoff. Turn left, pass “Craig’s book exchange” and descend the “Hotel-mile” with Hostal Taranza, Hosteria Ruinas de Quinara, Hosteria el Descanso de Torro with Shantas restaurant opposite. Rio Chamba is crossed on a concrete bridge, the road then ascends for ten minutes past the Vilcabamba College back to town. 



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